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   2023-02-03 IUVS长安202
核心提示:BT tests powerful 5G antenna for future HAPS drone deployment

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UK telecoms company BT is testing a powerful new antenna technology that, once mounted on ahigh-altitude platform station (HAPS) drone, is expected to provide 4G and 5G services of up to 150 Mbps over areas as large as 15,000 square kilometers.

英国通信公司BT正在测试一个强有力的新型天线技术,该技术一旦安装在高空平台站(HAPS)无人机,预计将在15,000平方公里的区域内提供高达150 Mbps的4G和5G服务。

BT saidit will soon begin trials using an antenna made by tech partner Stratospheric Platforms Ltd. (SPL), which is specifically designed for operation from HAPS drones flown at altitudes of around 20 km. The aerials transmit 4G and 5G signals through 500 beams that are individually directed to provide robust connectivity to areas as wide as 140 km.  

该公司表示他们很快会开始使用由技术伙伴平流层平台有限公司(SPL)制作的天线进行试点,专为飞行于海拔约20千米的HAPS无人机运营设计。天线通过 500 个波束传输 4G 和 5G 信号,这些波束单独定向,为宽达 140 公里的区域提供强大连接。

Initial tests will be held in BT’s research and development center using very tall ground structures in simulated deployment of the tech. The telecon hopes its terrestrial dry runs will open the way for the major advantages it believes the system will offer from on high. 


For starters, in functioning fromHAPS drones, the SPL antenna should allow BT to provide reliable and powerful 5G connectivity to large areas difficult to cover by ground assets, and which are now served using much more expensive satellites. That, the company said, will facilitate affordable uses in transport, maritime security, search and rescue missions, and other activities in remote spaces where mobile phone operation is often spotty at best. 

首先,在运行HAPS无人机时, SPL天线让BT能够为难以由地面资产覆盖的大面积区域提供可靠且强有力的5G连接,以及那些现在正使用更昂贵的卫星运作的区域。该公司表示,这将促进偏远地区运输、海上安全、搜救任务以及其他活动的进行。在这些地方,移动电话操作通常是难以实现的。

once deployed, the SPL aerial should also enable greater flexibility of deployment. BT notes that becauseHAPS drones remain at work for many months, even years before needing to descend for servicing, they offer similar operational consistency as satellites. But unlike those permanent space orbiters, stratospheric UAVs can be launched and used at lower costs, then recovered once they return to earth for redeployment when needed. 


Tim Whitley, BT Group’s managing director of research and network strategy, says successful testing of the SPL antenna and eventual use from a HAPS drone will provide fast 5G service at reduced costs over areas that would normally require 450 terrestrial masts to cover. 

BT集团研究和网络策略管理执行Tim Whitley表示,SPL天线的成功测试以及HAPS无人机的使用在通常需要450个陆地桅杆才能覆盖的区域以较低的成本提供快速的5G服务。

“We’re delighted to be partnering with SPL to start realizing the huge potential of HAPS aircraft to further strengthen our UK 4G and 5G network technology leadership,” Whitely said. “This highly innovative and transformative project has the potential to further enhance our UK 4G and 5G footprint, which is already the largest and most reliable in the UK, to connect unserved rural areas and enable exciting new use cases for private users.” 


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