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核心提示:TITLE:Japan's National Police Agency to jointly develop drones with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)Accordi

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TITLE:Japan's National Police Agency to jointly develop drones with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)

According to the Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK), on May 30th. the National Police Agency of Japan decided to jointly conduct an unmanned pilot project with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in order to provide assistance for quickly grasping the disaster situation and assisting in guarding dignitaries in the event of a disaster.

In recent years, the police across Japan have been increasingly tasked with responding to large-scale disasters and guarding events attended by dignitaries. How to effectively carry out activities with limited manpower has become a major issue. In view of this, the NationalPolice Agency has decided to jointly develop high-performance drones with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency from 2022. In the event of a disaster, the National Police Agency envisages using drone cameras to quickly grasp the disaster situation, etc. In addition, the surrounding area of the venue where large-scale security is carried out, will be patrolled from above to see if there are suspicious persons.




TITLE:Drone enthusiasts play a role in finding lost cars

On May 26, Fox reported that more than 2,000 car thefts have occurred in Seattle this year, and local resident Tony is using his drone to help victims find stolen property. Earlier, he stumbled across a group called "PNW stolencars" on social media and helped two people find the lost car.

According to the report, his drone was found on May 23rd, and the footage showed that someone was pointing a pistol at the drone. Fortunately it was just a BB gun, and the bullet hit less than 1inch (about 2.5 cm) from the lens.




TITLE:British skyports reach a cooperation agreement with Japan's Park24

On May 27, Skyports, a British vertical take-off and landing airport construction company, has reached a cooperation with Japanese company Park24 to jointly develop urban air transportation vertical take-off and landing airport facilities, and integrate with the parking spaces operated by Park24, planning to realize the function of take-offand landing site plus Aircraft charging. The two parties will initially conduct research and evaluation in the Kansai region (especially Osaka) to determinethe location of the construction site. It is reported that Park24 is thelargest parking management company in Japan, operating parking spaces accounting for 11% of all operating parking spaces in Japan.



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