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核心提示:Russia: Underwater Drone Can Detect Radiation Hazards俄罗斯:水下无人机能检测辐射危险物Vladislav Zanin, consultant to th

Russia: Underwater Drone Can Detect Radiation Hazards


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Vladislav Zanin, consultant to the general manager of the Russian underwater technology research enterprise "Ocean", said that the underwater unmanned glider used by the Ministry of Emergency Situations to detect radiation hazards can be mass-produced in 3-4 years, and the problem of converting the prototype into specialized equipment is currently being studied.


Previously, the unmanned glider was exhibited at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. According to the developers, the first batch of prototypes have played a role in the exercises of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


Zanin said,"We can program it so that it can do 5 or 10 dives and reaches the surface on one of those dives, transmitting the information it accumulates, as well as receiving its coordinates,  since when underwater, no matter how good the navigation system is, there will still be errors. It can fix the errors and keep working.”


The new underwater unmanned glider is characterized by the movement of the wing system. The torpedo-shaped device fills its water ballast tanks and sinks into the water. The wing prevents it from sinking to the bottom and turns the vertical motion to horizontal motion. When the device reaches a certain depth, the ballast tank is emptied and floats, not vertically but at an angle.


American Robotics to acquire Airobotics

American Robotics将收购同行业的无人机公司Airobotics

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American Robotics, a subsidiary of ondas Holdings, announced it signed a term sheet to acquire Airobotics, an Israeli developer of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The merger is expected to close in the second half of 2022. 

ondas Holdings子公司American Robotic宣布了其收购以色列自主无人机系统 (UAS) 开发商Airobotics的计划,此次兼并预计于2022年下半年结束。

The acquisition is intended to accelerate American Robotics’ technical development and regulatory roadmap and expand the breadth of applications, use cases and vertical AR targets. Combining American Robotics and Airobotics also means bringing together leading engineering and aviations talent and two world-class technology platforms.  

此次收购旨在加速American Robotics的技术开发和监管路线图,并扩大应用,用例和垂直AR目标的广度。兼并American Robotics和Airobotics也意味着将领先的工程和航空人才以及两个世界级的技术平台聚集在一起。

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The deal is still subject to the satisfaction of a few conditions, according to Ondas. Among other things, the two companies need to prepare, negotiate and execute a definitive agreement, and receive any required board and shareholder approvals. The companies have agreed to an exclusivity period until the earlier of August 4, 2022, or until an agreement is reached. 


“We look forward to joining the ondas family and the American Robotics team,” Meir Kliner, CEO and co-founder of Airobotics, said. “ondas Networks has demonstrated market leadership in the development of their wireless and automated industrial technology platforms, and American Robotics has pioneered fully automated drone operation through its precedent-setting FAA beyond visual line of sight approvals. This combination will offer Airobotics the opportunity to expand globally, especially in the United States, which we believe is the largest market for our Optimus System.”

“我们期待加入Ondas大家庭和American Robotics团队,”Airobotics首席执行官兼联合创始人Meir Kliner表示。“Ondas网络在开发其无线和自动化工业技术平台方面表现出市场领先地位,并且美国机器人公司(American Robotics)已率先获得美国联邦局超视距批准,开创了全自动无人机操作。此次并购将为Airobotics提供全球扩张的机会,特别是在美国进行市场扩张,因为我们相信美国对于我们开发的Optimus System需求最大。

Airobotics’ Optimus System is an autonomous unmanned aircraft system that focuses on high-value applications within the industrial, homeland security and smart city services market. The system includes an industrial-grade drone-in-a-box and the Optimus Airbase, which allows for robotic battery and payload swapping. 


The Scout System from American Robotics includes Scout, a fully-autonomous drone, Scoutbase, a weatherproof charging and edge computing station and ScoutView, a fleet management and analytics software. Scout is intended for industrial, agricultural, and defense markets. 

美国机器人公司(American Robotics)的Scout系统包括一个全自动无人机Scout,,一个防风雨的充电和边缘计算站Scoutbase以及一个车队管理和分析软件ScoutView。Scout 适用于工业、农业和国防市场。

“Airobotics” Optimus System is a sophisticated automated drone platform designed for high- value use cases in industrial, homeland security and smart city services markets,” Eric Brock, chairman and CEO of Ondas, said. “The proposed acquisition of Airobotics will provide strategic technology, regulatory, and business capabilities to both American Robotics and ondas Networks, opening new geographies and end markets and further strengthening our ability to deliver complete end-to-end solutions for customers on a global scale.”

Ondas董事长兼首席执行官Eric Brock说,“Airobotics的Optimus系统是一个复杂的自动化无人机平台,专为工业、国土安全和智能城市服务市场的高价值用例而设计,拟议收购Airobotics将为American Robotics和ondas Networks提供战略技术、监管和业务能力,开辟新的地域和终端市场,并进一步加强我们在全球范围内为客户提供完整的端到端解决方案的能力。

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