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核心提示:EU Safety Simplifies BVLOS Waier Process; Airspace Link Received New Funding; Amazon Launched its First Warehouse Robots

EU safety nod simplifies BVLOS waiver process for eBee X drone operators

欧盟安全简化eBee X无人机运营商的BVLOS豁免程序


The process to seek approvals to fly over people and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in 27 European Member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland has become easier for pilots operating the senseFly eBee X fixed-wing mapping and surveying drone.

对于操作senseFly eBee X固定翼测绘无人机的飞行员来说,在27个欧洲成员国、冰岛、列支敦士登、挪威和瑞士获准飞越人群和超视距飞行变得更加容易。

This is because the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has just issued a Design Verification Report (DVR) establishing that the eBee X meets Ground Risk Class (GRC) M2 mitigation qualifications based on the Specific Operation Risk Assessment (SORA) methodology.

因为欧盟航空安全局(EASA)刚刚发布了一份设计验证报告(DVIR),确定eBee X符合基于特定操作风险评估(SORA)方法的地面风险级(GRC)M2缓解资格。

Barrett Mooney, AgEagle chairman and CEO, explains:

Being the first company to receive this DVR from EASA for M2 mitigation is a historic milestone for AgEagle and our industry in the European Union and will be a key factor in fueling the growth of our customer base.

AgEagle董事长Barrett Mooney表示:AgEagle能够成为首家收到欧盟航空安全局对于M2 缓解的设计验证报告的公司,这是于我司及我们在欧盟国家发展的工业是具有历史里程碑式的事件并且它也是加速增长我们客户基础的关键因素。

eBee X.jpg

Adrian Marina, a land surveyor with SysCAD Solutions in Europe, says:

We have a project involving capturing data related to quarry excavation volume measurements which will require multiple drone flights throughout the year. However, for this operation to take place, we will require SORA authorization to fly BVLOS and near a populated area. Now that the eBee X has received the EASA DVR affirming its safety profile, we can move forward with seeking regulatory clearances for this important project.

欧洲SysCAD Solutions的土地测量员Adrian Marina说, 我们有一个项目是涉及抓取关于采石场挖石量测试的数据,全年需要多架无人机。但是,要想进行此项目,我们需要特定操作风险评估(SORA)的官方认证,才能进行超视距飞行及在居民区飞行。如今eBee X收到了欧盟航空安全局的设计验证报告,申明了其安全性,我们便可以继续进行对于这一重要项目的监管批准。

Airspace link’s drone tracking platform gains new funding, making progress in going global

Airspace link无人机追踪平台获新资金:离走向全球再进一步

Airspace l<i></i>ink.jpg

Detroit-based Airspace link has positioned itself as a provider of increasingly important infrastructure in the burgeoning drone services space, letting operators get local and federal approval quickly. With $23 million in new backing, the company now plans to take its platform to other countries looking to get their drone industries off the ground.

总部位于底特律的Airspace link将自己公司定位为新兴无人机服务领域日益重要的基础设施可供应商,让操作者能快速获得当地和联邦的认可。公司计新获得了2300万资金支撑,计划将其平台推广到其他希望使其无人机产业起步的国家。

The company’s main offering is an online service that helps anyone working with UAVs to get FAA permission to fly, by showing the necessary safety protocols are in place. This process, like any form of red tape, is especially difficult for startups and individuals to manage, and even large companies with compliance teams would like it to be easier.


“The drone industry for beyond line of sight, things like food delivery, have been held back by this,” said CEO Michael Healander. “We all know drones can do these things, but integration in the national infrastructure isn’t there. Operators are building their own systems to prove they have radar and surveillance systems, to calculate the probability of crashing on people, on critical infrastructure… you have to build a safety case to the FAA.”

CEO Michael Healander说,“超视距无人机工业,如食品运输,一直被这个问题所阻碍。我们都知道无人机可以做这些事情,但是在国家基础设施中的整合并不存在。运营商正在建立自己的系统以证明他们有雷达监测系统,计算撞到人、关键基础设施的概率...你必须向美国联邦航空局建立一个安全案例。”

Airspace link partially automates this process, tracking ground-based infrastructure like radar coverage, notable other flights and assets in the area, and so on.

Airspace link部分实现了该过程的自动化,跟踪地面基础设施如雷达覆盖、该区域值得注意的其他航班和资产等等。

“Our goal is to tell the operator, ‘there’s a crop duster coming into your area, so stand down, and here’s a place to land,’ ” Healander said. But unlike other companies marketing their services as software for drone pilots, Airspace link is positioning itself as an infrastructure provider at the state and local level.

Healander说,“我们的目标是告诉运营商,有一台作物喷粉机正在进入你的区域,所以退下来,这里是一个可以着陆的地方。但是不像其他公司将其服务作为无人机飞行员的软件, Airspace link将自身定位为一个州和地方级基础设施提供者。”

Amazon launched its first all-autonomous warehouse robotics, deploying more than 520, 000 robots in logistics center


According to TechCrunch, Amazon celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Robotics Department on Re:Mars annual conference held in Las Vegas this week. It is said that over 520,000 robot-driven units have been deployed in its fulfillment center and allocation center.


 TyeBrady, CEO of Amazon announced a great news that two new robotics were released from Proteus and Cardinal, including an autonomous floor system and a robotic arm.



Proteus makes use of the advanced safety, sensing and navigation technology developed by Amazon, autonomously moving in the facility. This robot can be operated in the way of promoting simple and safe interaction between technology and individuals, like elevating and moving GoCarts, a non-automatic wheeled transportation tool for moving parcels in the facility.



Meanwhile, Cardinal is a robotic unit, sorting packages weighing up to 50 pounds in the process of delivery. This company is piloting the system and expecting to deploy it to the sorting facility next year.



Finally, it is another sorting system based on robotic arm, which is a huge moving shelf-based system. By use of a robotic arm to search for containers and then it can pass to human employees.


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