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Walkera's new smart machine nest is online!_国际资讯(英文版)_行业资讯_国际无人系统网

Walkera's new smart machine nest is online!

   2021-09-13 国际无人系统茄子648
核心提示:On May 21-23, the 2021 Fifth World UAV Conference and the Sixth Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition were successfully

On May 21-23, the 2021 Fifth World UAV Conference and the Sixth Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition were successfully held in Shenzhen, contributing to the integrated and innovative development of the UAV industry. Walkera made a stunning appearance with a variety of fire emergency drone products and fully automatic fixed airports.

Walkera mainly integrates the independent research and development, production and sales of drones. The company's UAV products include: fire UAV, inspection UAV, police UAV, plant protection aircraft, ground station, 5G control system, etc.

UAV intelligent inspection machine nest. Without any manual operation, the drone can complete take-off and landing, cruise, shooting, and tracking by itself. After the task is completed, charging and battery replacement can be realized automatically. Kohl's fully automatic airport system can replace traditional manual inspection work, with an inspection radius of 4-6 kilometers. Through automatic take-off and landing, automatic charging and access to the 5G network, unmanned automatic operations are truly realized.

Fully automatic fixed airport


1. Drone on duty: without manual intervention, the drone will automatically take off from the airport, perform inspection tasks, land and charge, and the inspection data will be automatically uploaded to the central server.

2. Fully automatic inspection operations: Fully automatic/mobile precise take-off and landing, automatic cruise, timed cruise, precise re-shooting, support for real-time video return, to meet the high frequency, continuity, and normalized inspection operations of UAVs.

3. AI face recognition: it can realize face recognition and movement tracking; during the flight, it will automatically find the inspection target. If there are safety hazards and defects, the drone will automatically adjust and take photos from multiple angles for evidence collection.

4. Automatic charging/recharging: between each mission flight, automatic charging or battery replacement is supported to ensure sufficient power during the cycle operation, and the drone has automatic sleep and wake-up functions.

5.5G remote real-time image monitoring: The UAV can realize autonomous and refined inspections, hovering and shooting centimeter-level high-precision photography on designated lines, and provide high-quality inspection pictures. During the flight, it can automatically maintain a safe distance from the target.

6. Protection level: IP54 protection level, equipped with an integrated temperature and humidity control system to ensure the good operation of the drone.

7. Multi-airport coordination: support multiple airport networking and communication relays to realize multi-aircraft coordinated inspection.

8. User management platform: It can store and manage the flight data of drones, automatic airports, and payloads, view historical flight missions, and edit saved missions.

The R1000 multi-rotor UAV is a small portable UAV that can last for 50 minutes and can carry 7 levels of wind. It has specific GPS and RTK dual-mode backup functions. It is also equipped with laser obstacle avoidance radar and can meet the needs of users during the day. Use at night, very suitable for power, river, and police inspections.

This new diesel-electric hybrid helicopter has a 30L fuel tank (dual fuel tank) capacity, the maximum endurance can reach 8-10 hours, and the load capacity can reach 30kg. It is a large-load long-endurance UAV. It can be seen that the industry has higher and higher requirements for load and endurance capabilities, and its uses are becoming wider and wider.

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